Horizon Update - Alpha 3.38 is now available!

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Groggeroo 27. jul 2013 kl. 2:28pm 
The ship design is not vastly different than before (just some fixes and updated pre-designs). You can remove components you don't want to make room for components you do want.

The galactic council vote occurs in non-mission mode games. The council gets together in the late stages of a game and votes on a galactic leader (It's an end-game win condition if enough votes are cast your way)
Patrick.Forant 26. jul 2013 kl. 4:55pm 
Hey, what is the galatic vote? I beat the game once already and have no idea what you are talking about??
Patrick.Forant 26. jul 2013 kl. 4:45pm 
okay, if I take a laser cannon off it is immedialty overweight?
Patrick.Forant 26. jul 2013 kl. 4:40pm 
Why do the ships not have any cargo space now? How are we supposed to "MODIFY" the ship design if it is already maxxed out?
Zakorus 26. jul 2013 kl. 8:53am