v0.0.2.29 patch released

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Raf 22 jul 2013 om 2:45nm 
Yes, we are planning a French and several other language translation right after the full release.
We are focusing on providing a great single player experience so no multi-player is planned. This could change after the full release but this will be decided later based on what majority of players want us to do.
Jamie 5 jul 2013 om 9:58nm 
I am not a fan of MP, especially in a turn-based game, but each to their own, right now the game is in an alpha form, so things change, you never know.
Little Kitten 5 jul 2013 om 1:51nm 
will there be more achievements in this game :) 3 isn't much
bri14183945 5 jul 2013 om 11:44vm 
I think I'll buy this game soon , it's probably a good 4x but there will be a French translation someday?
shizzm 5 jul 2013 om 5:12vm 
No Multiplayer for this game ever? Or will it be included later?