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Push your empire to its limits and go beyond the known horizon!

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Saturday Nov 22, 2014


* Added a chance to discover advanced buildings including Stargates and Beam Defense through successful invasions of races who have built or have knowledge of the buildings
* Added cheat keys for modders! (ctrl+shift+S = shows all stars, ctrl+shift+T = shows all task forces, ctrl+shift+E = adds 10bc to treasury, ctrl+shift+R = gives a tech boost to all tech fields and unlocks stargate and beamdefense)

* Fix for a rare scenario where the game could lock-up during manual combat if planet had no defenses
* Fixed a minor issue with the AI fleet manager when organizing ships for attack missions
* Fixed some messaging not displaying when discovering building advancements through digs after the last patch

* Warrior race trait benefit to command points slightly reduced to 4
* Some minor tooltip, tutorial text and combat UI improvements. English manual updated.

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