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Push your empire to its limits and go beyond the known horizon!

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One more update before the Holidays and Christmas!


* Added a generic governor template and improved the other specialized templates to reserve cap space for the appropriate buildings (improves colony specialization)
* Improvements made to how the AI manages colony builds and ship build queues in mid-to-late game

* Ancient worlds and some other special worlds will now provide bonus capacity for additional buildings
* The probe in the tutorial will now disappear once the mission is finished
* Already discovered techs through archaeological digs will now display the appropriate tech field boost message

* Fleet list window content will now correctly fit at 5:4 resolutions (eg: 1280x1024)
* Ordering a survey system to another sector will no longer reveal the star name before arriving

* Fixed a rare issue where the game could crash during a survey system
* Unloading troops to your own colonies will now incur a 10 turn delay before the ship can receive fresh troops. You can still use the load troops to transfer back from the colony.

* Reduced the Ghostship weapons quantity to make it a bit more balanced
* Fixed an issue where a split task force could cause the combat instance to happen in the wrong sector

* Fixed an issue with instanced combat requiring the player to press auto (space) to exit after a battle has ended
* Fixed an issue where a colony population would not grow if it was reduced to zero and the planet conquered without destroying it
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