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Push your empire to its limits and go beyond the known horizon!

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Thursday Dec 11, 2014

* Refitting already refitted ships will no longer give credits back with Totalitarian and Unification governments


Wednesday Dec 10, 2014

* Fixed an issue with instanced combat that under certain circumstances would cause the fleet to appear at the wrong location during the next combat engagement


Tuesday Dec 9, 2014



* Government types will now apply the correct build cost reductions (Totalitarian and Unification only)
* Improved Governors to queue up level one buildings simultaneously when possible to speed up early development

* Fixed a bug that could prevent some hostile sectors from being processed for instanced combat when not manually engaged
* Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash during re-loading of the same saved game on Windows XP

* Fixed a rare display issue with L4 buildings and the rushin' roulette event
* Fixed a rare bug with manual refit not completing properly if another shipyard/starbase belonging to the race was destroyed during the same turn

* Halved the production of new soldiers and the maximum size of planetary barracks
* Default player ship designs will no longer start with negative space if non-standard techs are selected during race customization

* listArmors in tech_stats.xml will now be read into the game correctly
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