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Four player co-op in the End Times of Warhammer

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Being a member of the official Vermintide group grants the following:
  • Exclusive In-game Item: Egret Plume Cavalier
  • Exclusive In-game Item: Rilar Ghalklad
  • Be the first to receive the latest updates on everything Vermintide
  • Wicked Vermintide Steam Avatars

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It's that time of the year again. Summer is in full swing on the Swedish side of the real world, and to celebrate we're injecting a little seasonal style in to our slice of the Warhammer world!

Welcome to Sonnstill!

From now until June 30th be sure to jump in to Ubersreik and lay claim to some new Seasonal Headgear, check out what Lohner has done to the Inn, and celebrate midsummer by having a beer or two with your friends!

That's right, Pub Brawl returns with some audible updates!

Get in to the Red Moon Inn, and settle some old scores - perhaps make some fresh beefs!

Known Issue:
  • Kerillian isn't the most talkative of Brawler, we hope to correct this in the future!

    This update is around 173MB.
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