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Blitzkrieg 3 is a full-scale online RTS based on online battles with one side attacking and the other defending, just like in a real war. No subscription, no microtransactions!

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New historical mission added: Strike in the Ardennes.

Historical background:

December 1944: The German high command decided to make a desperate attempt to turn the tide of the war. For ensuring the victory, commanders may take advantage of a long period of adversary weather conditions, paralysing the Allied aviation which has previously seized domination of the skies.

To deal a blow in the least expected region, the Ardennes, it is paramount to defeat the enemy troops, uniting bravery and aggression and making maximum use of the power of the German war machine.

Known issues to be fixed later:
  • In some rare cases the second stage of the mission, starting after the successful castle assault, may not launch.
  • Clicking the unit on the game map in pause mode causes all units of the same type to be selected.
  • Some minor bugs.
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