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Blitzkrieg 3 is a full-scale online RTS based on online battles with one side attacking and the other defending, just like in a real war. No subscription, no microtransactions!

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Greetings, officers!
Hurry up to be the first ones to try out the first Allies’ missions!
Repeat Wavell’s heroic deed and capture the Italian headquarters in Libya!
Save comrades from the occupied territories of Crete!
Help free the besieged Tobruk!
Bring long-awaited victories to the Allies!

We present you a brief historical background on each one of the three missions!

1. The Libyan Operation

In September 1940, Italian forces under the command of Rodolfo Graziani invaded British-controlled Egypt. However, after advancing only a few dozen kilometres into the country, the Italians stopped their offensive and set up camp.
Despite being clearly outnumbered—36,000 Allied troops against 150,000 on the Italian side—the British commander Archibald Wavell decided to strike with full force at the enemy forces.

Your objective is to capture the Italian HQ, thereby changing the course of the war.

2. The Battle of Crete. Operation Mercury

In order to establish complete strategic control over the Mediterranean Basin and definitively drive Allied forces out from it, the German command decided to occupy Crete.
However, it proved unassailable: the British navy was in full control of the coastal waters, while a garrison of 42,000 Allied troops had been stationed on the island itself. To break through the defences, the Germans decided to conduct a large-scale airborne operation.
Despite heavy losses, Hitler’s army succeeded in its plan. Chances to save the civilians, as well as some of the troops, are extremely small.

You will be tasked with evacuating staff officers and AA gunners from an airport that has been captured by the Germans. Remember that a fierce battle is being fought all around you, so you must act with extreme caution! Your intervention is the only chance to preserve the lives of at least some of the troops on the island.

3. The Relief of Tobruk. Operation Crusader

In March 1941, German troops under the command of Erwin Rommel routed the British and drove them out of Libya. The British garrison in Tobruk found itself under siege.

The first attempt at relieving the siege was unsuccessful. After meticulous preparations, British forces conducted another offensive on the 18th of November, but failed to achieve victory again. On the 21st of November, Rommel counterattacked and tried to seize the initiative.

You will be tasked with conducting a difficult but important operation. In order to break the string of defeats, German forces must be cut off from their reserves—or the Allied armies will be reduced to mere handfuls of soldiers. The Germans are persistently attacking the 4th Indian Division, and chances of victory are diminishing by the day. If you manage to deny fuel to the enemy, the Allied forces will be able to continue their attack and liberate the besieged Tobruk.

Hurry up to be the first ones to claim victory on the new territories!
See you on the battlefield!

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