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Blitzkrieg 3 is a full-scale online RTS based on online battles with one side attacking and the other defending, just like in a real war. No subscription, no microtransactions!

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What's new:
- FAQ button added!
For all Blitzkrieg 3 new players out there, it was not that easy to get a few aspects of the game sometimes. To make your gaming experience more pleasant and comfortable, we've added a small in-game FAQ, which will answer some of the most popular starters' questions.
You can always hide this button from the top panel if you do not need it and turn it back on in the game settings.

Fixed issues:
- Optimization adjustments;
- Fixed an issue in Sevastopol mission, where ammo was brought to Karl by Russian truck. Now it is, as it must be, a German truck;
- Fixed the gun visualization bug of the German era 3 infantry (shoutout to Caboose for the report);
- Fixed victory screen visualization on Mountain Waterfall map;
- Fixed a number of issues in German localization.
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