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Prime World merges competitive RPG elements, persistent hero development and castle building into a world of never-ending battle for control, power, and magic. You can equip and train your heroes between battles using collectible and upgradable talents, build a thriving economy in your city, participate in clan battles and play together with your friends.

Prime World steps beyond the classic three lane map – there are currently eight game modes to choose from, with more to come: from the fast and fierce 3v3 Outpost to the PvE survival Challenge mode.

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Lords and Ladies!
As we all know, there is no bad weather, and the summer comes with the beginning of June. That is how it usually happens, but this year it is difficult to draw association between the cold and rainy month and long-awaited warm season. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that you won’t need to wait too much, and all that is due to hot summer messengers. Meet the Flamefox and Fire Maestro, better known as summer heralds.

Learn more about these over here![]
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