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Prime World merges competitive RPG elements, persistent hero development and castle building into a world of never-ending battle for control, power, and magic. You can equip and train your heroes between battles using collectible and upgradable talents, build a thriving economy in your city, participate in clan battles and play together with your friends.

Prime World steps beyond the classic three lane map – there are currently eight game modes to choose from, with more to come: from the fast and fierce 3v3 Outpost to the PvE survival Challenge mode.

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Event in the Fair - fill up your collection with "Legends"!

Lords und Ladies!

Curious things happen under two moons of Praia. It's said that recently, the chief of the merchants guild has fallen in love with the beautiful Cryo. However she’s only thinking about Legends! On a warm Sunday morning, when all citizens went to the marketplace, they saw the amazing furnishings! All the market stalls were adorned with Legends. The dealers didn’t ask for much when trading. Instead of taking away the goods from the counters, they only added something new every time! That's how the spring affects people!

Action in the Fair!

For four days, from 9:00 (UTC) on April 28th till 9:00 on May 2nd, grab legendary talents from the second set on more favorable terms!
  • Chance to get legendary talents from the set "Legendmakers" was doubled!
  • The price on talents has been almost halved!
    The average price on legendary talents will be 40-80 Prime crystals instead of 70-90 as usually.
  • The purchased fields remain permanently!
  • The renewal of the assortment - is 2 times cheaper!
  • The event lasts for 4 days!

Make your favourite Heroes happy and enrich your collection of "Legends"!
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