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Prime World merges competitive RPG elements, persistent hero development and castle building into a world of never-ending battle for control, power, and magic. You can equip and train your heroes between battles using collectible and upgradable talents, build a thriving economy in your city, participate in clan battles and play together with your friends.

Prime World steps beyond the classic three lane map – there are currently eight game modes to choose from, with more to come: from the fast and fierce 3v3 Outpost to the PvE survival Challenge mode.

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Highway robbers!

Lords and Ladies!

Scouts report that there is an impudent gang of robbers in the neighborhood attacks merchants’ caravans on the roads! These madmen don't give a damn even about the monsters in the forests. The guild of merchants offers a legendary award to all who will volunteer to help!
Can the caravans be robbed?

From May 18th at 9:00 UTC there is a special quest chain in your Castles — "Can the caravans be robbed? ". Players who finish the quest will receive a set of legendary awards from grateful merchants!

Quest — Reward
Gather 20,000 Prime in Borderlands — 2 legendary crystals
Shoot down 5 flags in Borderlands — 3 legendary crystals
Earn 250 points — 5 legendary crystals
Kill the Fire Drake or the Kitton 3 times in Borderlands — 1 random legendary talent + 5 legendary crystals
Deal 40,000 damage in Borderlands — 2 random legendary talents + 5 legendary crystals
Make 2 wins in Borderlands — 3 random legendary talents + 5 legendary crystals

Complete quests before 9:00 UTC May 23d and get precious legendary talents as a reward!

Get new talents and win in Primezone!
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