Version 1.3 Live

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Fitz Sep 9 @ 9:15am 
Ubergamer Sep 9 @ 3:56am 
Woot! Thanks so much for the mine/explorers upgrade, and the bug fixes! I love SSTD!
Wips Sep 7 @ 9:35am 
Love this game more than I should! Thanks for the updates!
lhetre Sep 7 @ 4:43am 
Game doesn't start in full screen, you have to use the Alt+Enter "hack", one should be able to toggle it from the options screen.
F12 (screenshot) does not work under Windows 7 64bits, even if the Steam notification appears at the beginning of the game.
Ben McLean Sep 5 @ 6:08pm 
FINALLY! I hope the crash logs I sent in helped because I never heard back from you guys! :(
SupremeMaster Sep 4 @ 2:50am 
Nice work
Roirraw Sep 3 @ 9:45am 
IMO resolution and fullscreen is much worse now, give back old fullscreen.
ToxicMole Sep 3 @ 6:33am 
I want fullscreen -_-
P0s7HuM4n Aug 31 @ 5:40pm 
THanks 4 TwEakng.
Kaneki Aug 31 @ 5:18pm 
Thanks *-*