This Valentine's Day, say it with Strider.

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Komentarzy: 11
The Sneaky Tiki 7 marca 2014 o 17:08 
Say what? Our relationship isn't working?
fluids 5 marca 2014 o 13:47 
one of the best games ever i reeeaaalllyyyy recimmend this.
RACLA 26 lutego 2014 o 5:50 
It is a good game people.
That Damnable Mr. Munkee 22 lutego 2014 o 8:48 
OMFG this is brilliance!!!
Ñ!тЭя1Ĉβ$ 20 lutego 2014 o 8:10 
xLighta 18 lutego 2014 o 21:13 
Strider est sorti de loin n'empêche :) amazing!
fMagrão '96 18 lutego 2014 o 17:27 
Perfect! Perfect!! Perfect video!!!
The Trippy Pyro (MPH! MPH! MPH!) 18 lutego 2014 o 10:38 
i already bought it. B-) cant wait til tomorrow. looks AMAZING!
Diggidy 17 lutego 2014 o 1:31 
New Strider looks fun. Can't wait to try it out.
neededlotus5 16 lutego 2014 o 10:35 
realy cool how they are bringing strider back from the dead dont know how many quarters i wasted on the original arcade game back in the 80s/90s! now if only someone could redo Rtype...