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Driver Fusion is the complete device and driver solution for your PC that can manage and monitor your devices and their drivers. You can uninstall, backup and restore drivers and also disable, enable and restart devices while Windows is running. With our cloud-powered removal engine you can delete the driver entries that are left behind by the normal uninstallers, which is especially useful when you are updating a driver or changing a device.

In addition, Driver Fusion can help you to identify devices that Windows does not recognize, generate a device and driver report, backup and restore your desktop icons and screen resolution, or read the sensor values of your devices. Driver Fusion provides you with all the information that you need to know about your devices and their drivers, allowing you to detect and solve problems or simply find your computer specifications in one place.

Get started today and take advantage of the wide and growing range of features that Driver Fusion has to offer and keep your PC running as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Announcements _
Driver Fusion 2.7 has been released and is available for download. This release focuses on the new online service. Below you will find information regarding the old online service and the other changes.

New features:
  • [Premium] Health check - Added a progress indicator to visualize the device that is currently being fixed.
Changed features:
  • [Premium] Health check - Improved the ordering of missing and outdated drivers.
  • Desktop - Improved the performance of restoring the desktop icons.
  • Settings - The settings are now automatically saved after every change instead of only on close.
  • Service - The online service that allows you to gain access to several features, such as the automatic driver updated, has been completely rewritten. This new online service enables us to deploy new versions more easily without disrupting the service and is also more friendly to firewalls. The old online service will remain fully functional until February 1st, 2015. After this date only signing in with your email address and updating will remain functional for the old online service. As of Driver Fusion 2.7 the new online service will be used.
Resolved issues:
  • [Premium] Device control - Identify could in some cases not show any results.
  • [Premium] Device control - Reselecting a device could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to freeze or close unintentionally.
  • [Premium] Device control - The backed up driver text did not update after selecting another destination.
  • [Premium] Device control - Changing the sort order of online drivers could in some cases cause Driver Fusion to freeze or close unintentionally.
  • Desktop - Desktop icons could in some cases not restore to the correct location.

Everyone at Treexy would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As this year is ending, we would also like to thank you for your continued support. We will be back with more releases and news on our latest projects in 2015.
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