Shadowrun Returns


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Chocolate 8 лип 2014 о 14:31 
Would it be possible at some point to make dragonfall-exclusive content, (such as portrait choices at character creation, and totem choices), available in Dead Man's Switch and UGC modules if we have Dragonfall purchased? I really like the new totems but being unable to use them in DMS and most UGC is frustrating.

The portraits are an easy fix, for someone who knows how the game works, but the totems are not such an easy fix as I'd have to modify the dependencies of the module and most, if not all published modules are read-only...
Master of Pain 28 чер 2014 о 21:39 
Uma tradução pro portugues seria fantastico.
srKoema 25 чер 2014 о 1:58 
que tal uma tradução para o portugues?
zomgkitty 12 тра 2014 о 19:04 
I wish Dragonfall would have been more interesting for the money I paid for it. The fan-made scenarios are free and have been more fun IMO. The 50k fee for Alice really took the life out of the game, since I couldn't afford decent gear.
Evangelyne 6 тра 2014 о 15:33 
Question: Is it possible to have a fully augmented character? Tried getting the Alpha series arms and legs on my Street Samurai and I couldn't. Kinda annoying that you're limited to 6 essence.
ChaZcaTriX 2 тра 2014 о 0:10 
Yes, you can save/load at any moment in the game, even between actions in combat; quicksave/load buttons are also there, although the quicksave feels a little unreliable - it failed me a couple times, so save manually if you really need it. 1 тра 2014 о 23:39 
The original reviews of Dead Man's Switch mention the 'check-point' based save system, and that you cannot save anywhere you like. Has this changed at all during the various updates? Is Dead Man's Switch still a check point save?
madaje7117 24 кві 2014 о 9:22 
You guys are awesome, Can I beg for more content at the same time?
Void Dweller 24 кві 2014 о 4:27 
This is how a developer should support their game post-release! Great job HBS!
Curran 23 кві 2014 о 9:12 
Awesome news.. Now I can restart the Hard Times section and continue. Thanks guys and galls!