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Main group for all War of the Vikings related activities and fun things.

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Update 1.5b
Greetings community!

Update 1.5b is finally out and this is the feature list:

- Fixed occasionally occuring silent melee hits
- Improved client to server synchronization
- Fixed fine positioning sync issue
- Momentum and angle of impact tweaked to increase minimum damage
- Removed melee double hit exploit using feinting
- Fixed stamina drain bug when hitting dropped shields
- Fixed Pitched Battle mode tie break end condition server crash
- Shield on back only reduces damage and does not protect when knocked down
- Netcode optimizations

We've done a number of optimizations as well as addressing some issues of the switch to server side hit detection. Synchronization code between server and client has been optimized to allow for more accurate predictioning and hit detection, and this has also have had good effects on reducing the prediction warping.

Furthermore we've adressed a fine positioning issue (thanks IG Offen) where players standing still sometimes could differ up to 20cm in position sync.

Silent hits should be a lot less frequent with this patch. You may however still occasionally experience a slight delay to it sometimes that corresponds to your ping to the server.

Momentum and angle of impact has been tweaked to raise the minimum damage. A lot of players got the impression that the wide spread in damage made it feel a little inconsistent. You still need good timing & aim to maximize the damage though.

Another tweak that has been made with the o so useful shields, is that they no longer fully protect when hanging on the back. Damage is reduced to about half the original damage, and when you're knocked down they do not protect at all. These adjustments have been made primarily to discourage fighting with your back towards the enemy, and the latter to avoid the sometimes rediculous difficulty in finishing off a knocked down player with a shield on his/hers back.

We also have fixed the bug in Pitched Battle mode where the server sometimes would crash in the tiebreak end condition, which is an old issue originating back to the first beta version I've been told.

We hope you enjoy the game!

/Lead Dev
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