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What is Unepic?

Unepic is a combination of platforming and role playing games. There are many hilarious references throughout the game. The game takes place in Harnakon, a huge medieval castle.

It is set in the hardcore NES Style, yet refined with the latest features. This makes Unepic a very unique game.

¿Qué es Unepic?

Unepic es una mezcla de juego de plataformas, rol y cachondeo que transcurre en un gigantesco castillo de fantasía medieval.

Está ambientado al puro estilo ochentero, pero completado con las características más actuales que hacen de Unepic un juego muy completo.

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Hello everyone.

In the last months we've been working in portings of Unepic for XBOX, PS4 and VITA.
As we are using the same source code than PC, I could not upload anything until all portings were made.
But now that they're finished I have uploaded a new patch with two new maps taken from Workshop: "Was is coming" and "The Wizard's Basement". They include new unique weapons and equipment chosen by their architects... may they be overpowered?

Due to changes in the source code for portings, glitches could appear. But I'll fix as soon as I find it out. In fact I already fixed a couple of them. :-/ Thanks for understanding.

Oh, one last thing. Another reason for not uploading own content is that I'm working in a new videogame that is keeping me very busy. A sci-fi one... I'm doing my best.
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