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The thievery update is out, in the "experimental" branch only for now. It's probably unstable and still in need of further balancing, so it's there as opt-in for those who want to try it out.

  • -Town populations slowly regenerate when residents die. Killing off a lot of NPCs that are affiliated with a nearby town will weaken that town slightly, it's possible to wipe out all the cannibal patrols roaming near a cannibal village for example. Currently "homeless" factions like the bandits are not affected by this.
  • -brought back the town info tooltip on the mapscreen to show population information. I will rely on player feedback for balancing it.
  • -Crime system (in progress)
  • -You can now steal from shops
  • -Crimes are recognised by the AI
  • -Police can put a bounty on your head and arrest you
  • -Civilians can raise the alarm and call police attention to a crime
  • -Pickpocketing: NPC is alerted if he notices you stealing from his inventory while he sleeps
  • -Selling stolen items has a chance of getting you in trouble, especially if you try to sell things back to the victim
  • -Sleeping NPCs are woken up by noise, but it's easier to rob them
  • -Police confiscate weapons and stolen goods. Then they sell them.
  • -Updated traders inventory:
  • -To trade with a shop you need to talk to the trader character.
  • -Interacting with the containers, counters, chest, etc. will be considering stealing. (Work In Progress)
  • -The traders inventory is infinite, so you can sell stuff more easily
  • -The trader stores his shop inventory in the actual containers around the shop. This means you can steal stuff from them.
  • -Some item containers now have locks. Traders keep the more valuable items in the more secure containers
  • -Added a node system to building placement. It ensures that any machines and storage you place is always accessible by characters and fixes a lot of bugs like when characters tried to access a storage box through a wall
  • -Emissive lighting added
  • -Added AI ability for super long-range pathfinding, even when zones in between start and destination are unloaded
  • -Fixed orders panel black text-on-black tooltips
  • -Fixed item labels not showing when loading a game with items on ground
  • -A few small movement system fixes
  • -Fixed undo when building walls
  • -Fixed game unpausing or closing the pause menu when autosaving.
  • -Fixed unpausing game possiblity while on the in-game main menu.
  • -Fixed/updated research window.

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