Oculus Rift & Razer Hydra

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jskatercatterall Aug 17 @ 5:52am 
where do i get some razer hydras i have been looking for ages and i am not buying some for £150 of ebay
Nuts and Gum Aug 6 @ 7:04pm 
This doesn't work with my DK2; any word on how to get it working? (0.4 SDK)
Destructive Gamer Mar 21 @ 8:37pm 
never mind, HOLY CRAP!
Destructive Gamer Mar 21 @ 8:28pm 
um where can i buy razor hydras
teh cheeseburger operator Mar 12 @ 3:26pm 
Vempbody [DK] Mar 9 @ 10:46am 
Good game but why Nigel?
jmiller Mar 2 @ 4:04pm 
Mine never boots into VR mode :(
fcamosse287 Feb 13 @ 12:38pm 
Hydra fingers wont work in surgeries, any fixes?
entropyNine Jan 26 @ 8:38pm 
Infernet89 Jan 16 @ 2:45pm 
-First operation with hydra, fingers won't move.
-Second operation in space, the hole in the patient is lower than the camera limit, so you can't reach the cutpoints.

These bugs looks quite easy to be corrected, but they are known for months. Too bad, this is probably the BEST GAME for using Hydra properly. It's the real reason to buy it, portal2 is much more limitated.