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The Pit gets a treat filled Halloween update as part of Steam's Halloween Sale!

Besides being able to pick up The Pit Gold (which contains the base game and the first two DLC expansions) for 75% off (upgrade to Gold at 50% off), The Pit has been updated with some Halloween treats, including two new achievements;

Pumpkin King - Carve a Fear Lantern

Army of Darkness - Kill 100 Zuul Ghouls!

Haven't found the recipe for crafting a Fear Lantern? It's been out since last Halloween, but if you want to get down to carving instead of hacking consoles, here's the recipe;

pumpkin + sparker + scent gland + razorteeth

And for one week, the upper layers of The Pit will give you ample Ghoul targets - don't panic, stay calm, conserve your ammo, aim for the head. The achievements will remain, so don't worry if you don't manage to get this this week.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

Get The Pit Gold Edition at 75% off!

Upgrade from The Pit or Mindgames to The Pit Gold Edition at 50% off!
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