Destroy All Suul'ka with new Zuul playable character!

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MarkMark 5. kesä, 2014 16.04 
My advice is the best place to buy this is gamersgate. As far as I recall they were one of the first places to sell the pit originally and seem to have a good relationship with the developers. I base this on the fact they often have deep discounts on the title.

It is also worth noting GG version of gold came withthe drm free+ steam key. [no I don't work for GG but I did pick things up in the past at an 80% discount from them].
Sleeper Service 9. touko, 2014 15.40 
Still no Linux version though, would love to play this.
❤ Darkzul ❤ 26. huhti, 2014 0.21 
I have buyed the game on my other account and wish the developers want to put them same day on sale on 75%, is a cool game first thing i told was bad i played few times and die really fast but for me dlc are good deals hope they put on sale !

Ps. thank you i will instal the game and play it !
Crashguy2 20. huhti, 2014 15.53 
Hah. And I thought the Seeker was weird. That guy really takes the cake if you are looking for some strange psychic monster alien.
Mr. Hannibal 20. huhti, 2014 15.24 
Very cool! Are there more updates or DLC in the pipeline?
davidboost 19. huhti, 2014 7.29 
$2, not really overpriced for a mini DLC. Thanks so much guys I thought you were done with the game :( don't let it be over just yet!!!
UHR 19. huhti, 2014 6.02 
Just don´t overprice it, please.
FDru 18. huhti, 2014 17.37 
Um. Yay?

I kept wondering why we had Zuul weapons but no Zuul character. This is awesome news,