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Gao Li 2014. jún. 30., 11:28 
Text tools might be nice, yeah. +1
7777 Tʜɛ Ӻ๑๛∂ß¡╬ξrร 2014. ápr. 9., 22:12 
lol, "personal duty" this is next on my wishlist. HOLY BAT TURDS THIS DRAWING PROGRAM ROCKS! All you need now is a hidden easter egg full version game hiding in the options, accessible via ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA .
u2bleank  [Fejlesztő] 2014. márc. 19., 9:28 
Mad Merv : no text tool for the moment but if we got a lot of request it's something we will re-evaluate ( so +1 for your request ).
Mad Merv 2014. márc. 15., 8:01 
What about text? I'm happy to support this project, but I honestly believed the demo was a stripped down version. I didn't realize this was still such an infant project. Is there currently a plan for implementing text rendering/rasterization, 3d text? I notice your images use text, but I assume this text was generated in a different program.
drowZebra 2014. márc. 8., 15:03 
excellent update
netvóya 2014. febr. 28., 9:27 
>So if you are still undecided for Black Ink make your decision before the end of the next week, or it will cost you few more bucks ;)
OMG, I just gathered enough money in my Steam Wallet to buy it for myself and found out that now it costs 3x more then it was 2 hours ago.
It was said that after the end of that week price will be rised, but the week even hasn't ended yet... How sad. ;_;
TORIMOMO 2014. febr. 24., 6:22 
Road collider 2014. febr. 24., 2:12 
ManuX 2014. febr. 21., 12:19 
Already said in the forums but I'll say it again AWESOME UPDATE!! Thank you guys, you rock
Galimim 2014. febr. 21., 4:10 
thank you!