Prison Architect

Prison Architect Alpha 10 update released

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HypnotizedJelly 20 лип 2013 о 19:08 
yeh but prison tycoon sucks
snafu-maru 3 лип 2013 о 21:58 
you know there was a simalar game called prison tycoon and it sold for ten bucks.and it was a full game not a beta.
Mapper 27 чер 2013 о 18:37 
It's a fun game for a day or two but its not worth 30 dollars sorry. I played this on a friends account, but I would't buy this game for this high price .. yet. Lets see how it further develops.
There should a free build gamemode, with unlimited amount of cash you can build a prison.
Because right now 10k is a ridiculous low amount of cash when there are everyday eg8-12 new prisoners coming in. I never lasted longer than 10 days withouth an outbreak,( but not with 10k balance).
You could always edit the savefile for now, but it'd nice if its implemented in the game.

Bobby Trill 26 чер 2013 о 14:02 
you should add gangs that fight oneanother that would be cool
APR Sweden Racing 26 чер 2013 о 9:48 
lovely game! but some bugs thats annoy. of course a alpha!
* Power station to weak
* Prison breakers dont break out
* inmates gets stuck at any place and never moves after that
* Nurses are not working on there own
* Guards are bad on opening doors, sometimes everyone waits for the doors
* It says maximum 15 inmates even if you build 100's of cells

otherwise its fun for now!
EnragedSwampDonkey 25 чер 2013 о 1:22 
theanger danger level goes up to fast when im starting out. it makes it very difficult to enjoy this mastrpeice of gaming
Jasonmm 23 чер 2013 о 23:02 
love this game
avoitus 23 чер 2013 о 11:14 
Alpha or not, I've already spent 10 hours playing the game...and I just got it like 3 days ago...
laddins 23 чер 2013 о 1:40 
is the laundry already fixed? cant play it, everybody is rioting :/
Wally 22 чер 2013 о 12:51 
Looking forward to the final build. Ps the alpha isnt expensive, it's a free bonus on top preordering. If free is too expensive, just alt+F4 life :P