Prison Architect

Alpha 13 released

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]TOG[ Stoka 30 вер 2013 о 23:18 
ps i have had only 2 tunnles while playing. make sure you have metal detectors before they go into their cells.
]TOG[ Stoka 30 вер 2013 о 23:17 
proformance issues is the biggest problem. Lag makes it unplayable after you get either to many inmates or buildings get to big. please fix this.
elandryl 29 вер 2013 о 4:30 
Plus, I agree with risky: Too much tunnels, too frequently. Even with gards everywhere, a search every night, metal detectors at every corridors, they manage to dig. And it actually cost you a lot of money just to destroy the tunnels. Oh, and should they really ALL try to escape by digging? Even the guys who would have been released the day after?
elandryl 29 вер 2013 о 4:27 
I'd like to know how can so many prisonners actually smuggle a spoon or a fork when EVERY ACCESS to their cell is controled by a metal detector.
TheHungryGerman 28 вер 2013 о 23:45 
I am having problems with lag and nobody doing the laundry, even after I unlock it and I set a work time they just use work time as free time. Also are there any suggestions on how to stop the lag?
Vreenak 28 вер 2013 о 12:18 
Are you all not managing your contraband levels or something?
risky 14 вер 2013 о 17:25 
They are digging tunnels too frequently and too quickly. Seriously, that much digging done with simple spoons. Why are they prisoners? They are productivity supermen that should be making decent wages in any labor field.
Tom Riddle 14 вер 2013 о 10:01 
i always have money issue due to the removal of tunnel . i not playing it untill the next update :(
Thar 9 вер 2013 о 15:21 
yeah... they are spaming tunnels every day.. :(
matthilo 8 вер 2013 о 10:59 
too many tunnels