Alpha 14 is released

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Mr Fabulous Man 22 мар @ 5:56 
The dogs are soooo cute!
☠ Mozi 16 ноя, 2013 @ 10:58 
dogs don't kill, people do. -_-
Arsh 14 ноя, 2013 @ 23:54 
This is a nice update but please make it so you can assign every kind of person to areas. I want to assign specific cooks to specific kitchens for example and prisoners should be able to be told "You can't leave this area period". They can of course, but not if they're behaving. So they won't go walking to the next building over to get their lunch instead of the kitchen in their own building.

Of course this probably wouldn't be a problem if I could just tell my cooks to stay in their own kitchens.
Pwner444 14 ноя, 2013 @ 18:07 
Please nerf the dogs! two dogs killed almost all of my 60 prisoners in a riot!
Odey555 8 ноя, 2013 @ 3:40 
awesome game, keep the great updates coming to make the game more awesome!
bazza the mutant killer[42cdo] 30 окт, 2013 @ 20:26 
the big stinking cow sank it huge hairy balls into my bum as the white cream that comes out covered my body. did this make you horny.
ill be bach ~lommert 28 окт, 2013 @ 0:26 
the dogs are killing machines if the hendler gets stuck on a door or a gate the dog just goes in for the kill i got 20 killed by dogs
NickDHaten 26 окт, 2013 @ 10:54 
i found a equiptment_dog leash not to sure if its supposed to be that way though.
FuzFuzFuz 22 окт, 2013 @ 20:35 
Can you fix the hearse system?They are not taking away bodies and my dead are piling up.
The Blind Gamer 20 окт, 2013 @ 9:27 
I love this game and hope to see more awesome updates int he future (agreeing with some people I do wish to see "car doors" or a way for us to have our entire prison fenced off and have trucks/cars come in and out and be searchable also some things I hope get implimented is multi floor prisons (for the really huge cell blocks) and a better CCTV system)