Alpha 16 released

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Pvt. Drift 15 Lut - 6:01 
I think it would be cool for a corupt officers like only 4 AT Complete Maxium And like 3 of them and about 1 armed guard but it should be able to be turned off.
the scout among us [,=,e] 27 Sty - 17:05 
it whould be cool (for prisoners) to make it so at night soemtimes people that worked with them tries to breack them out that would be a good update (for prisoners) i had this idea to make it realistic
THEalmighty18 23 Sty - 8:26 
Alpha 16, amazing keep it going =D
‎‎‎‎ 22 Sty - 11:58 
Can not save the game when there Cyrillic profile when you finally fix it?
lknlbyTR 19 Sty - 6:14 
Awesome game.Keep update :D
Dallas 18 Sty - 18:02 
Add gangs and more violence and I will buy.
liam.bennett98 18 Sty - 14:52 
my prison when i load a new save allways puts continuous intake on even tho i disabbled it

help someone please :)
The Potato King 17 Sty - 19:08 
I was testing around with the game, and apparently supply trucks can be destroyed and "dumped"?

[FL:RP] brapierwit2 16 Sty - 14:42 
Bug: Prisoners are acting like workmen, and fade through walls and doors, then after a while they turn back and there outside so they escape esily
Streepfire 12 Sty - 23:16 
This game is genius !