Alpha 22 launched

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taizor ™ Aug 21 @ 12:29am 
cant play u.u have bug .. i love this game ..
Vex Ninjas Aug 19 @ 6:20am 
add online
thedudewhokissedacreeper Jul 29 @ 11:40am 
@papas I like those ideas especially the idea of corupption and maybe like the prisoners, some guards won't accept the bribes they are offered by prisoners whilst others will do anything depending on their background like for instance you have a guard ,which has some kids he is struggleing to feed because he isn't getting paid enough, is offered some cash to allow a group of prisoners to obtain some drugs, would more likely accept it whilst a guard on a high wage might decline the offer and maybe even report it to the warden or surcuritiy chief. just a thought.
[KGB] Negative Drain Jul 28 @ 11:40pm 
Thank you! all this little kinks mean a lot to be solved!!!
Rebel Ravage Jul 27 @ 3:42pm 
Catbug, you're a special kind of stupid, aren't you?
Catbug Jul 27 @ 4:59am 
King Tsunami™ Jul 26 @ 2:19pm 
You forgot to include one more thing; No .exe file to launch the game.
triskeats Jul 25 @ 12:18am 
please please please add in watchtowers for guards. and an option to have a 23hr lockdown where prisoners excercise for 1 hour in individual fenced off yards, and an option to keep a prisoner handcuffed when ut of his cell or other secure location!!!
benbot16 Jul 23 @ 2:22pm 
FINALLY! Now my workers don't glitch into walls anymore!
fzaalnkini Jul 21 @ 3:33am 
I really like the feature that you can manage the diffrent Risk levels individually, but would it be possible to do the same for cell blocks? You could add a feature to declare cell blocks and then manage them, as this would not only include the possibility to manage risk levels by cell block, but also keep your prisoners from running into each thers way.