Planetary Annihilation

PA Alpha Build: 50240

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♣[28thMA]DatLil_Gun 11 лип 2013 о 9:29 
svrfur i was saying the samething in my other comment
SurferIYL 9 лип 2013 о 23:40 
I love your idea and I love rts games, can you possibly make this game affordable for me? It looks like such an awesome game. I would be extremely active in bug testing! please please please!
Archer Of Myths 7 лип 2013 о 7:52 
I am very very interested in this game but my silly mind can't understand if this game requires internet 24/7 to play at the moment. can someone please help me with this?
♣[28thMA]DatLil_Gun 5 лип 2013 о 7:51 
will this game go on sale soon? like for the steam summer sale 2013 maybe? because the price is just so high, but i think the game is cool. So at least put it 25 or 50% off that will make it to be 44.99 for 50% off, thats a more reasonable price, but still the game is cool even know i need to play to say that but just looking at the trailer for it and watching other people play it, i think its cool. Its just the price thats keeping me away to buy it, so put it on sale for at least 25 or 50% off then i will buy it, but still i think its a cool game. so plz give me answer if you will put this on sale, because that would be great for this game would go on sale, you would maybe get more copys of the game sold if this game would go on sale, so tell me soon if you will put the game on sale, thanks for reading this comment, so tell me soon if the game will have a sale, because that would be cool and great that 1 of my fav games so far would be cheeper to buy, thanks for reading
fried rice 4 лип 2013 о 12:21 
Total Annihilation is still by far my fav RTS game. Oddly enough, my favorite feature was the radar. This combined with the perfect pacing in map size and unit speed, made it so fun and effective to do things like decoy attacks, sneak attacks, and combine air, water, and land units. Miles ahead of StarCraft II to me
YGBHawk 2 лип 2013 о 8:28 
If you buy this you buy the whole game, what you get now is the access to the bits that are done. Not even done, but can be played. Pay once for the whole game! Dont be stupid and read the description.... still not sure GOOGLE IT! XD
cnorton11 1 лип 2013 о 11:41 
It has arlready came out hasn't it because its still early acsess for me
Garat 1 лип 2013 о 9:43 
Evil - AI is currently in the works, and we expect to have early versions available in Alpha. Diony - As long as your name on Steam is correct, we will be doing support for Display names soon. Account names, like on Steam, cannot be changed. Just your display name.
[PaTaTe] By Diony 1 лип 2013 о 6:26 
Hello, i have question too, i want change my account name, a solution ? need too ad my team name
ChipT 1 лип 2013 о 3:30 
I have a question, will you guys be improving your A.I in one of your upcoming builds so that they are now able to fight back and attack your base, or will you be leaving the A.I till later on or beta ?