Beta Build: 57449

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TiG3RMaST3R 2013년 12월 2일 오전 12시 25분 
you want to disable even the very few things that there are in the game, the graphic is already so low detailed and you want to remove also other things, we can play with just icons maybe? i've got this game based on photos on the shop page but unfortunately the game is not even near to the photos, they call them "target render" and the fake you letting you see a game that doesn't exists actually. we have crashed a planet recently there's not even the explosion, expect less than you expect if you get this game now.
Tricky 2013년 11월 28일 오전 9시 18분 
Teamster... My point is, it has a long way to go before it is a final product. It certainly needs a lot of polishing. And yes, I put my money where my mouth is and bought the beta yest. Great Game! Im also a member of the TA community :)
Teamster 2013년 11월 27일 오전 7시 13분 
Tricky: The reason this game hasn't been officially released yet is because it's still not complete. It's really as simple as that
Tricky 2013년 11월 27일 오전 5시 02분 
I am really looking into investing my money into this game. Just hoping the complete version comes out to. Not sure why it hasn't been released yet... kickstarter plus people who have bought the game you must be rolling in it!
King Zero 2013년 11월 27일 오전 1시 45분 
I wonder how far away from an announced official release date we are...?
Korvyr 2013년 11월 26일 오후 8시 40분 
Considering it's still in Beta, I think any judgement is too early... Having watched it since the very first Alpha release myself, I have extremely high hopes if the rate of progression continues.
[KS] DasMoose 2013년 11월 26일 오후 7시 59분 
Keep up the good work!
Midn8t 2013년 11월 26일 오후 6시 01분 
I dont know about best game its a good game I stil think Supreme commander FA is better be honest more flushed out more user freindly with less BS in the interface.
Stix 2013년 11월 26일 오후 1시 00분 
Yo Wut Sup 2013년 11월 26일 오전 11시 13분 
You guys will buy up the copy/paste job of CoD annually for $60 but have a problem paying $60 for getting the beta and final version of game? Really..? REALLY??!??