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The official Steam forum home for discussing Planetary Annihilation. For the official developer forums and alpha/beta feedback, please join us at Please read the Uber forum rules before posting there.

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Starting now, Planetary Annihilation will allow you to flash some fancy cheevos and trading cards if you exhibit the intensity and ability to earn them. Welcome to our latest update, the Steam Community Update, which adds new ways to impress your friends with your digital feats of strength, cunning, and obliteration.

That's right: Planetary Annihilation supports Steam trading cards, badges, and achievements. To check out the latter just visit the "achievements" tab in Steam. There are 19 total that can be unlocked by playing single-player or with your frenemies in multiplayer. Trading cards and badges can be unlocked by simply playing.

Go ahead -- give a couple a shot. We'll be watching, waiting to see who can grab them all.
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