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Latest Patch Note: Update

1. We have disabled extra resource "cube collecting" feature due to some strong demands appearing in the Steam forum.

Please note that this is not a 100% final but we want to see how it goes before we definitly take it out of the system.
This means that our promotion video showing enemies dropping cubes will be wrong so in order to fix that we need to be sure of it.

2. We have slightly rebalanced the resource gained per enemy kill so the effect is that you will be able to gain 100% of resource per killing any enemy.
This means the game becomes slightly easier, but it shouldn't affect overall game play a lot.

3. There is new batch file called "optionalstart.bat" . This is intended for people who are having issues with starting the game with initial auto detection setting by the game.
After you run the batch file press 1-4 number keys as indicated to attempt to start the game. Just making things easier for people who aren't familiar using command prompt.

Note for starting game using optional command prompt or batch file :

Some Steam overlay may not work properly uf you use this batch file to start the game.
Once you are in the game go to : "HELP OPTIONS > SETTING" and change your options to the ones that works for you.
Then restart the game using proper steam client.
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