Maniaplanet 3 Update is now available!

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Wódz Kwaśne Żygi May 25 @ 6:43am 
Wralth May 14 @ 6:10am 
Starting the merged TM2 version doesnt work on steam because you need to restart maniaplanet to switch to that game, which it wont do thanks to steam.

So you should probably release a Maniaplanet3 version of the game on steam so you dont have to update the entire game separately from steam.
McKilled May 9 @ 11:47am 
This is one of the very few games that doesnt work at all with the Nvidia Shield. It fails to register any useful input in the menus, all I can do is quit the game. It would be very cool to play this from the Shield.
The Darkest Bum May 8 @ 11:36am 
I have a VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM with my Maniaplanet. Whether in fullscreen or windowed mode, and no matter what combination of Vsync and processor synchronizations I use, I have a very consistent amount of input lag that makes racing in Trackmania very frustrating and unenjoyable. It happens with keyboard, mouse, and gamepad. It is prevalent in the UI as well an in-game. In my server list, I can scroll my mouse from the top to the bottom, and there is a very visible delay in the the servers being highlighted by my mouse pointer. Please respond.
Tits in my ass May 8 @ 10:59am 
Still having crashing issue, posted on the forums no response yet. PLEASE SOMEONE FIX MY DAMN GAME I AM HAVING WITHDRAWALS
Dan Costalis May 7 @ 6:45pm 
I also second GamingKen: Fire your UI team and hire some people that know what they're doing.
Dan Costalis May 7 @ 6:44pm 
If your maniaplanet launcher screen looks completely frozen, just hit the ALT key. If you want a rave, keep hitting the ALT key, because for some reason it makes the screen flash twice rapidly. It's a feature!
Tits in my ass May 7 @ 11:12am 
I have over 200 something hours on this game and i love it, however, post update I can no longer play the game, no matter what server I am on etc my game dumps me to desktop. No crash report, no anything. I see other have complained about this problem, PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!
Grip May 7 @ 3:20am 
Simple et efficace le site web du très mon travail .
g7gsw May 5 @ 4:07pm 
It now kicks me back to desktop every few games, when it has always been so stable - disappointed