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Live watch the matches of the [Maniaplanet Cup 2016] Trackmania 2 Stadium happening from Saturday 5 November to Monday 7 November!

1.English stream:

-Rams 'r2k' Singh
-Jonathan 'Jonno' Holmes
The English stream starts at 10:30 CET.

2. French stream:

-Franck "Rapt" Unau
-Pierre-Luc "tRkr" Baudry
-Camille "Aura" Clément
The French stream starts at 10:30 CET.

3. Hungarian stream:
Caster: spetyka95

16 players will compete for the Maniaplanet Cup 2016.
Playoffs will start at 10:30 (Paris Time) on Saturday 5 November.
The Final will be at 12:00 (Paris Time) on Monday 7 November.
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