GODUS Beta v2.0.1 Update and Known Issues

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Benshadow 2014年4月6日上午3:24 
Rotation control are you there? :')
glarblblarbl 2014年3月30日下午12:55 
Also, +1 for rotation controls. I'd be super-stoked if they came mapped by default to Q and E like SimCity 2013.
glarblblarbl 2014年3月30日下午12:53 
An old bug popped up again: when two people play godus on a shared computer it loads the save file from the wrong account. Seperate user accounts and steam profiles, but instead of starting a new game it loaded the other user's file.

This feels like it might be a security issue as well as a game-breaker :(
Nix 2014年3月30日上午9:38 
After you are done grabbing up the bugs and fixing them, perhaps try adding a rotate camera angle feature. It's kind of annoying that I can only see my world from one angle. Another thing I would like to add is that stickers should either be easier to obtain OR should be a lot more effective at unlocking cards. My population is booming faster than I can obtain stickers to unlock cards. Other than what I stated, I love the game so far keep up the good work cheers.
Skeletal 2014年3月27日下午3:17 
Still very alpha. Graphics bugs with shonky work around, followers just climb cliffs and get stuck so constant spam of lost villagers, sound glitches where sound just won't stop.
silvrique 2014年3月27日下午1:55 
I quit playing because I can't rotate. It's not worth playing without that exteremely crucial function.
irouma 2014年3月27日下午12:43 
"Ever since the update the Game will pretend to load and then give the Se_debug error message"

I´ve got the same problem
Thrawnmulus 2014年3月25日下午5:02 
Ever since the update the Game will pretend to load and then give the Se_debug error message, is this something I can fix by modifying the local files or is Godus broken on Windows right now?
Firesoul 2014年3月25日下午4:34 
@Benjabby, Don't know about the second bug but the first one can be fixed by activating 'disable buffers' in the menu. Mine used to do the same thing all the time, chessboard then strange lines then completely crashing.
ANClENTS 2014年3月25日上午11:13 
Has anyone else had no success in adjusting the game files? I am trying to do so to be able to rotate my screen. I can't Shift+A or D to rotate left or right? Anyone else have this problem?