Controller and Touch Support!

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madstheawesomescouter Aug 27 @ 4:36pm 
W I L F U L Jul 26 @ 9:19am 
still waiting for act 2!!! Я Обожаю ЭТУ игру!
jojow Jun 16 @ 11:42am 
Please act 2 now !!!! I love this game!
Techno Llama Jun 1 @ 9:58am 
Act two come on! Hurry Up! Im waiting for it to come out on the OUYA so i can play it!
send2pietervdb May 20 @ 6:55am 
still waiting for act 2...LOVED THIS GAME
Randomacts May 6 @ 4:00pm 
I could have sworn I played it with a gamepad...
BlessMyBurrito May 5 @ 10:26am 
Act 2??
SexyBanana May 5 @ 1:41am 
when is the act 2 comes???
EccentricIntrovert May 2 @ 5:52pm 
This is the type of game that translates perfectly on touch. I'm glad to see such talent create games that work on most any device. Death to platform-exclusivity!

Keep up the good work!
PinyinEr Apr 25 @ 12:48am 
wait act2