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On this day, 20 years ago, the original POSTAL was first unleashed to the unsuspecting world at large, causing widespread reports of fun and entertainment across the globe! To celebrate this chronological milestone, we recruited a team of volunteer developers to lend a hand in updating the game, after we made its source code public at the start of this year.

Some of the update is old content and features that we've restored, while others are brand new additions made to improve the game. Some of the big bulletpoints include improved mouse controls, the previously Japan-exclusive levels from Super POSTAL, Japanese audio, LAN multiplayer modes, and much more!

List of changes:
  • Added new mouse aim controls (with option to toggle 'classic mouse')
  • Added levels 'Tokyo' and 'Osaka', from Japan-exclusive release
  • Added option for Japanese audio, from Japan-exclusive release
  • Restored 'Santa Patch' content (activates around Christmas time)
  • Restored Multiplayer modes (only works over LAN)
  • Restored 'Coat Color' option
  • Added slider for changing frequency of NPC 'pain' audio
  • Added Level Select menu
  • Restored Challenge Mode selection
  • Added new Campaign options
  • Restored 'Demo' mode
  • Improved presentation of ending cutscene
  • Fixed 'Crosshair' toggle option
  • Added annual mystery surprise
  • Lots of 'under-the-hood' changes and improvements
And this isn't all. Among other planned features, our team is already making great strides in creating tools for the creation of custom levels for the game, which we will be including in future updates.

We hope you all appreciate the work that our fine volunteer team has done so far, and that you all look forward to the good work that they continue putting out!

Happy playing!
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