June 13 @ 12:00pm

Scheduled by: [SBE] David

20 New cards will be added to SolForge! You can aquire these cards through the daily rewards system or through any of the following packs:
Legendary Chest
Rise of the Forgeborn Chest
Rise of the Forgeborn Pack
Booster Pack
All Prize packs

To celebrate, we're going to be launching a low cost Phantom Draft Queue, using only Set 2 cards! Here's the details:

Entry Fee: 2 Tickets

All cards you see in this draft will be from the Rise of the Forgeborn set.
You do not get to keep the cards you draft in this event.

4 wins - Five 2.2 Packs
3 wins - Four 2.2 Packs
2 wins - Three 2.2 Packs
1 win - Two 2.2 Packs
0 wins - One 2.2 Pack

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holyghost5514 Jun 13 @ 12:21pm 
DemoEvolved Jun 13 @ 12:12pm 
Cjflex Jun 13 @ 12:01pm 
It's hapening!
roy7 (B+) Jun 12 @ 7:22pm 
Can't wait!