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Hello everyone!

As many of our sharp eyed players may have figured out last weekend, a new map is coming (beyond the previously mentioned one!). Today I want to welcome the next official community map into the lineup as part of the next update: KF-Nuked!

In this world-gone-mad (wait a mean more mad than normal?) take on Killing Floor 2, the nukes have been launched! We look forward to spending some time in the wasteland with you all playing Matt Zaneski’s fine creation! But one more thing, well, actually two.... what do you mean I can’t talk about those yet? Well, I guess next week it is!

To those of you who followed our last WWAUT, we also want to give a bit more detail on Holdout to clear up some confusion. The rooms that you will traverse are pre-made, but chained together in random order with no repeats, so you don’t know which room you’ll end up in next. Some of you have also rightly guessed that this is laying the groundwork for some of our future endeavors later this year, so stay tuned as we keep adding new things to Killing Floor 2!
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