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Hello everyone,

What do you do as an enterprising engineer when a Zed outbreak occurs? Turn your prototype Domestic Assistant Robot into a Zed killing machine of course! And when it proves to be extremely unstable with a disturbingly violent personality matrix, and more importantly “unmarketable” to the higher ups, you watch it get crushed into the trash compactor of history. Something about making sure none of them survive the purge... But let us keep our eyes on the future.

Introducing the new and improved D.A.R 2.0! Redesigned from the ground up by the perfectly sane and stable employees of Horzine labs, this new unit (available for order soon!) is the latest in their line of territorial defense products. Yes, you may have heard about the incidents where prototype units “occupied” some Horzine facilities, but this was found to have been due to input errors, and the units fulfilled their territorial defense functions perfectly!

However, there has been another “incident.” While tests of these units are continuing at Horzine facilities around the globe, a unit at Arctic Outpost 12 had its primary programming overwritten by the Emergency Security Protocols, turning this DAR into a mechanical killing machine. Now this unit shows little concern for human beings except Horzine employees, who it only hates only slightly less than humanity in general. Seeing a new market in military robots, this DAR has been transferred to Zed Containment duty for field testing.

This unit, now calling itself DAR, is being sent to a Horzine contractor (that is you, the players) for free! If it doesn’t result in your untimely death in the field, please report that back to corporate as soon as you can! Additional exo frames and armors will be awarded based on your achievements in the field as well as optional purchasables. More details on these accomplishable achievements will be coming soon.

And one last thing... DAR seems to have been recording contractors it has come into contact with, and is using that as its means to communicate back. You can find some samples of this below:

To sum up:
  • All players will get access to the DAR endoskeleton for free with voice
  • Additional DAR exoskeleton armor options can be unlocked in game during an upcoming event
  • Further armor options will be available via the Zed Conomy crates as well as direct purchase
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