Update Notes — April 14th

60 Rate up
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lebeststratege May 1 @ 3:39am 
I confirm Mastnosis bug plus, at the same time, when I invade, everything is fine, I gain the land, except for... the enemy castle which instant-kill my sieging army :(
Hunter May 1 @ 2:52am 
Can i play multiplayer by internet/lan not only hot-seat? I not want play 1 battle
HarvyWarlock Apr 30 @ 4:05pm 
Hmm .... almost wasted $5.
manuel-gandalf Apr 30 @ 5:21am 
thanks for the italian localization, i have play this game in english and is great,but in italian is more easy for me ^^ thanks soooo much for this AWESOME GAME
phaktory Apr 27 @ 3:01pm 
Oh and I've had to fight myself in a couple of campaigns.. yes, I had to fight MYSELF. A mirror image of my hero and army.. at least I could end turn past them and not let them act.. but it ruined that hero for he rest of the campaign. I had to set him to just exploring and not doing anything.
phaktory Apr 27 @ 3:00pm 
Yay.. 3 scouts with the same fucking picture.. SO easy to tell them apart.
scomtesse Apr 26 @ 3:33am 
confirm Mastinos bug. Game is unplayable now.
Morpheus Apr 23 @ 8:04am 
Still having some in game issues even after the update, have to say its a bit dissappointing. Same problem as all the pple below hope it can be sorted soon guys :(
jshl Apr 23 @ 7:52am 
Same problem as Mastnosis. Game is unplayeble now.
wastel Apr 23 @ 12:03am 
i fear i have to confirm exactle the same bug as Mastnosis, i doestn appear sometimes but almost in every round, so game is really unplayable now.
But thanks for keep the updates going, i am sure you can quickly fix that one with a hotfix.