Football Manager 2014 Update 14.3.1 Released

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brunocibar 5 октомври 2014 в 6:45 следобед 
como baixar?
Kieraan 11 септември 2014 в 5:30 сутринта 
how do I even download the updates....?
johnkobird 2 септември 2014 в 9:17 сутринта 
And don't forget about the keepers.Yes,when i am playing with a world class keeper,i expect that he will stop me from scoring.But when i play with a keeper that his reflexes/handling/one-on-ones are top 15/14/14,i ecpect that my team has to score at least one goal out of 10 shoot on target,and not by long range shots.Yes,i believe a keeper can have a great day,but not every keeper can have his day against me!This is not realistic.
I think that's all for now.
johnkobird 2 септември 2014 в 9:17 сутринта 
Strikers talk.I have specially trained my strikers to place their shots and lob the keeper when they can or go around him.They only do that 1 out of 6 one-on-ones'.They other 4 they just blast the ball on the keeper,even if the finishing and the composure is over 15,and they score just one,maybe two times on that occasion.(to be continued...)
johnkobird 2 септември 2014 в 9:17 сутринта 
When i'm winning a match by 2-3 goals,it's only natural for the players to get complacent and not having the determination the other team is showing.But when i'm loosing just by 1 goal,i expect from them to be more passionate to win the game,and i mean ''them'' the players i know have a high determination attribute.But they don't.They immidiately become frustrated and nervous and can't compete.(to be continued...)
johnkobird 2 септември 2014 в 9:16 сутринта 
ok,let's see.
How is it possible for a support winger not to have the ''Cross more often'' individual tactics selection!?That's basically his job,run through the flank and cross the ball into the box!
Also,despite the ''Shoot less often'' instruction,when they make their way into the opposition area,they never pass the ball to the striker,but they shoot,and 3 out of 5 times the ball goes into row z!The other 2 they might find the target and even score.
But,when i set my striker the ''Shoot less often'' to prevent them from taking 25+ yards shots,they obey,and when into the box,they pass!The striker,into the box,he passes the ball!
When i have a corner kick,and they clear the ball,the one i have lurking outside the area he starts running from outside the area to the middle to get the ball,while i have 2 players in the middle,but they don't make a move to the ball.(to be continued...)
Floyd Cooper 24 август 2014 в 2:59 сутринта 
Cant have any success after this update
jamesyeo4 16 август 2014 в 7:00 сутринта 
really good update
richardwoodyard 7 август 2014 в 12:38 следобед 
is this update for the pc
NameLeSS 30 юли 2014 в 6:06 следобед 
bigyeb.. Im also facing the same problem.. keep getting 14.3.1f487696 game has stopped working error... hv you solved the problem? and anyone have any idea how to fix this???