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Attention loyal Company of Heroes 2 fans! We have the pleasure to announce some juicy updates coming this Holiday season. In a nutshell, you can look forward to a serious balance patch which will include a commander revamp, community map fixes, and new 2v2 maps. We will be implementing all of this in a major patch scheduled for mid-December.

Let’s kick things off with balance. We’ve been spending some serious time thinking about the Fall Balance Patch, and which aspects make the most sense. We plan to leverage all the great work done in the Fall Balance Preview by including some of its most popular and highly voted changes. For more information on this balance update, including our rational behind postponing the Fall Balance Patch, head here[].

This balance patch will also include a commander revamp focused on revitalizing some of those neglected commanders currently collecting dust in your inventory. We’re aiming to revamp two commanders per faction, and we’ll be reaching out to the community to find out which doctrines are most in need of this TLC!

We’re also stoked to be implementing a meaty map balance update which will affect many of the maps within the game. Serious credit goes to SoE-Sturmpanther for coordinating the effort, and to map making experts Capiqua, Siphon X, Pigsoup, Lord Rommel, MonolithicBacon and Whiteflash. Their time and expertise have made this fantastic update possible. The result will be more fun, balanced and competitive maps. A huge win for everyone. Get ready to reset your vetoes!

The 2v2 Map Making Contest is nearing an end, and the overall quality in this event has been genuinely spectacular. Our community map makers have clearly mastered their craft, and we have some serious contenders for the 2v2 automatch pool.
If you’re not taking part make sure to catch the 2v2 Map Making Contest Cup[], which starts November 4th. You’ll be able to scope these brilliant new battlefields as they play host to some top-level play. The best teams in the competition will be voting for their favourite maps, and soon after we will announce the overall winners of the contest.

We are excited to see these updates coming to the live game, and we hope you are too. Make sure to follow Company of Heroes on Twitter or Facebook for all the latest.
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