Deadfall Adventures Linux Beta Release

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ebutts531 13. joulu, 2014 21.23 
-startup takes a couple of minutes
-A button does not switch to pick up items, get close to items and he just jumps
-B button crashes game when using the mirrors on first level.
So, I think the controller needs some more attention. Noticed the updtes, looking forward for the actual release.
Oct 21. huhti, 2014 23.14 
Awesome. Will buy soon.
Smashley 19. huhti, 2014 2.25 
Awesome :) Purchasing now.
DARK ANGEL! 25. maalis, 2014 17.10 
wesleydiank 20. maalis, 2014 7.20 
Niih 8. maalis, 2014 15.39 
Meu Deus, no linux!!!!!! 5 estrelas para NORDIC GAMES +++++
tuxgameplaybr 2. maalis, 2014 18.48 
thanks for linux support !
cartman-2000 1. maalis, 2014 23.40 
Takes a rediculously long time to startup, I think I was on that splash screen for a good 3-4 minutes before it actually got past it.
xGЄ0RGЄ 1. maalis, 2014 14.28 
Through my openSUSE 13.1 (x86_64) Deadfall didn't began, stuck at splash screen
HadBabits 1. maalis, 2014 9.43 
Tips come up in certain rooms, but they disappear before I can read them. I'm assuming it's because I'm pressing keys while doing it, but I'm not sure. Also, sometimes I just plain can't fire, reload, or zoom/unzoom, my mouse just seems to jam up somehow.