Deadfall Adventures Linux Beta Release

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ebutts531 13. joulu 21.23 
-startup takes a couple of minutes
-A button does not switch to pick up items, get close to items and he just jumps
-B button crashes game when using the mirrors on first level.
So, I think the controller needs some more attention. Noticed the updtes, looking forward for the actual release.
Oct 21. huhti 23.14 
Awesome. Will buy soon.
Smashley 19. huhti 2.25 
Awesome :) Purchasing now.
DARK ANGEL! 25. maalis 17.10 
wesleydiank 20. maalis 7.20 
Niih 8. maalis 15.39 
Meu Deus, no linux!!!!!! 5 estrelas para NORDIC GAMES +++++
tuxgameplaybr 2. maalis 18.48 
thanks for linux support !
cartman-2000 1. maalis 23.40 
Takes a rediculously long time to startup, I think I was on that splash screen for a good 3-4 minutes before it actually got past it.
ꞠЄ0RꞠЄ 1. maalis 14.28 
Through my openSUSE 13.1 (x86_64) Deadfall didn't began, stuck at splash screen
HadBabits 1. maalis 9.43 
Tips come up in certain rooms, but they disappear before I can read them. I'm assuming it's because I'm pressing keys while doing it, but I'm not sure. Also, sometimes I just plain can't fire, reload, or zoom/unzoom, my mouse just seems to jam up somehow.