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Hi y'all!

We've been busy working on the last leg of Kentucky Route Zero. Something new is coming very soon; you might have a sense of what to expect if you've been watching the airwaves[]. If not: just keep your eyes open.

Meanwhile, we're writing to tell you that we have started working together with Annapurna Interactive to produce a console port of the game, which we're calling the "TV Edition." It will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. We'll release it at the same time as we update the PC version with Act 5, which we're planning to do in the early part of 2018.

There are some nice enhancements to the game that are coming as part of this TV Edition, and all of these will be ported back to the PC version also -- the two versions are basically identical other than the platforms they run on. Wanted to make sure we were clear with you all about that!

Nathan Gary from Annapurna was actually one of our earliest kickstarter backers, way back in 2011, which was roughly a hundred years ago. Now, they're helping us by managing the process of submitting the game to consoles, and funding & organizing some other help for console-specific development & localization & misc. media work, so that the three of us can focus on finishing Act 5. It's important to us to be clear with you all about that as well -- we're totally focused on finishing Act 5! Working with Annapurna on this allows us to finish the game while console work happens in parallel.

Annapurna is also helping us to localize the game in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. We've gotten so many requests for localization over the years, and it's always been something we've wanted to do, but never had the bandwidth to spen We want to write you more about this process; it's been interesting. Look for that in a future newsletter.d time on really getting it right. The group doing the localization for us has been great to work with -- it seems to be going well.

Thanks again for your enthusiastic patience <3

More soon!


PS -- Remember, you can always reach us at :]
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