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Patch Notes August 24, 2015
Please note: Details are subject to change at any time.
Weekly Maintenance Time: Monday 6pm- 10pm PST (~4 hours)

New Knight Pieger Mount for August!

Premium Mount Box (Knight Pieger)
Price: 100 Kafra Points

This box has a chance to drop one of the following:
  • Knight Pieger (Permanent)
  • Black Tiger Reins (14 days)
  • Tiger Reins (14 days)
  • White Tiger Reins (14 days)
  • Nippy Peco Peco Rein (14 days)
  • Noble Peco Reins (14 days)

Knight Pieger Reins (30 days)
Price: 400 Kafra Points

More sale items to celebrate Jawaii's release!
We heard from the players that there were some items they would like to see discounted, so we're adding them to the Jawaii Release Sale![] These items will be discounted for one week until the Jawaii sale ends on August 31!
Item Normal Price Sale Price
Super Large Bag 2000 KP 1000 KP
Storage Expansion Slot 1000 KP 750 KP
*Card Designated Synthesis (x5) 800 KP 450 KP
* This sale item was listed at an incorrect price of 600KP and is properly discounted

The Jawaii Release Sale ends in one week, so get your discounted items while you can!

New Phantom Pyramid Set!

New Phantom Pyramid item, Noisy Sonometer!
Reach the 7th Floor in the Phantom Pyramid to get this new back accessory!

New Myunel Item, Clown Nose!
Visit Myunel in Prontera and get your own Clown Nose for 10 Chance Coupons!

Wear the Noisy Sonometer with the Clown Nose accessory obtainable with chance coupons at NPC Munil for a status effect!

Set Effect Period: August 24, 2015 18:00:00 - September 28, 2015 18:00:00
Set Effect: VIGOR 2%, HASTE 2%, HIT 4%, CRIT 2%

Dapara’s EXP Week (Extended Edition!)
Event Period: August 10 - August 25, 2015
Dapara's EXP boost will last one additional day and end on midnight of August 26, 2015!

- Jawaii Pets should be in the game now.
- Players should not longer experience a "Target is already in a party" bug when the player is not in a party.
- Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese clients should now have all maps of Jawaii.
- "Red Cow, Blue Cow" khara mission should now have the items drop properly.
- "Ensemble of Hell" khara mission should now have the items drop properly.
- "Fairytale Author" khara mission should now have the items drop properly.
- "Three Emotions" khara mission should now have the items drop properly.
- The Morroc Guild Vaults should now be accessible.
- Scarecrows in Sandarman are no longer possessed and will not attack adventurers.
- Players should be able to accept the new Guardian quest.
- Gate Keeper at Jehoon's Training Site will now allow groups larger than 2, as intended.
- The Treasure Box in part two of the Traces of Goddess quest should be clickable now.
- All Infinium should work within the Refinement System now, regardless of their source.
- The Explorer Pack sold during Dapara's Week should have it's correct price now.
- Dying in the Solo Dungeon should not longer have a visual error on the character.
- Blue cards should be fixed and can be reinforced.
- Viewing Info on other classes should not prevent skill use.
- Jawaii daily quests should no longer result in a "You failed to get quest reward" error.
- Quest: A guy looking for a girl that's looking for a guy can be completed by speaking with either Traveler Bianca or Torhunter
- The Winkled Note doesn't disappear from player's inventory after finishing Quest: Look Who Went Back to the Scene: Part 2
- Aka should be near Kuro from the start of the Jawaii quest.
- Aka and Kuro should both be wearing RO1 AssassinCross costumes now.
- During Quest: Twisted Essences, the respawn time of Will-o-the-wisps should be compatible with the amount of items the player needs to collect.
- During Quest: Love With a Bit of Salt, Aka and Kuro should no longer remain in the same position.
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