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hi! thanks everyone here for liking [Starseed Pilgrim], or maybe just considering playing it, or maybe you are coming to this forum to badmouth it, who knows

anyway, [Starseed Pilgrim] isn't important right now. i and three of my friends joined to form the Gloam Collective a year ago and we've been working on a big, four-person project. it's a thoughtful competitive videogame with online multiplayer so you can fight faraway friends.

you can also fight nearby friends. also people who are not your friends, i guess.

the game is called Bravery Network. it's still in progress & you can't fight your friends yet, but you can look at art, read some words, and give us your email address.

if you give us your email address via this website you will receive secret information that will make you think about the game, and perhaps how good it is.
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