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We’re excited to announce with this update, Cannon Brawl is now in Beta! Beta marks one of the last remaining steps until final release. The game has come a long way since our launch last year and we’ve added a ton: nightmare mode, puzzle levels, new buildings and pilots, and new multiplayer maps.

Thanks everyone for all the feedback. Cannon Brawl is the best game we’ve ever worked on, and it wouldn’t have been possible with your help!

And now for the notes for this particular build:

  • Added the Knight pilot. Every 45s the knight can heal a building for 5 life and increase it’s maximum life by 5. His buildings will be hard to beat if you stack them with floating platforms and repair centers! He’s waiting in the armory to be unlocked.
  • Added the Lightning Rod building. This is a territory balloon replacement that bestows flames, shots, and lasers a damage bonus if they pass through the lighting rod’s area of effect. The bonus also stacks, so you can set up a path of lightning rods for lots of extra damage. These combo with the missile towers for devastating effect. We’ll likely need a lot of tuning feedback on this one! The Lightning rod is also in the armory.
  • Added Monthly Ranking leaderboard. This leaderboard tracks players ranking activity for the current month. This uses a monthly elo, which separate from your all time ranking. Each month this will reset and the monthly leaderboard will be cleared so you can start anew at staking your claim as the top brawler.
  • Lots of visual tweaks
  • Added a few new sound effects
  • A new quest is now generated immediately after a current quest is completed
  • Added a new quest: Flank the Shields - Destroy shield towers while their shields are active
  • Added a new quest: Three by Three - Win a multiplayer game or Battle vs. AI (insane) with at least three fully upgraded towers remaining. (Thanks to QQTastic for this one).

  • Changed the way sounds settings are saved. This will cause everyone’s volume levels to reset once when they get the new build, but they should save normally afterwards.

Finally, because we've added so much to the game since launch, we're pricing the game at $14.99 for the 1pk and $19.99 for the 2pk. But, we're running a 40% off week long sale at the same time in case you want to get in close to the original price.
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