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Big update today featuring a whole new mechanic for the game! We've added a new ultimate power that charges up as your buildings take damage and will allow you to comeback from small mistakes early on.

  • Added a new mechanic: Comeback Bombardment. As you take damage and your buildings are destroyed you can bombardment power, displayed on the top of the screen. When your meter is full you can call in a bombardment on your enemy by pressing space. The enemy buildings nearest your airship will be targeted. This is to prevent small mistakes in the beginning costing you the game and to provide for more dynamic and surprising matches. We will likely be tuning this going forward.
  • Tweaked random building select to not pick bank and mountain maker so often
  • Tweaked random map select to force more variety

  • Shields now completely absorb Frost Tower shots
  • Increased frost tower level 2 cost to 60 from 55
  • Increased frost tower cooldowns by 1 second per level
  • Lowered warhead life to 10/15/20 from 15/20/25

  • Fixed crash on OSX Yosemite when spacebar was pressed
  • On mac, non-xbox 360 Gamepads should behave better
  • Fix for rare case where an orphaned lobby would impede matchmaking

    As always let us know what you think!
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