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Dear Hunters,
Apologies for not posting this along with the update itself. The developer responsible for the update (and for maintaining Akaneiro in general) has left Spicy Horse and forgot to pass this along when he departed. We finally tracked him down and tickled this list out of him...

Here are things that were fixed with the last update:

• Steam Account can now save progress and show the mission complete screen when the player returns to village (This was the most critical issue).
• The (small, medium and large) Red and Blue bottles drop item was showing only text and the mesh was hidden. Now it show the bottle mesh as well as the text.
• The drop Item text hold for a bit longer before disappearing.
• Some levels (in the last few areas) used to have a terrain Only (without any houses, meshes,...etc), now the bundles have been fixed and the player should see an entire level.
• Show the collected materials in the mission complete screen (was not showing on steam version).
• The MiniMap was strange (around area 4, 5 if I still remember well) and the player was walking on a black map, I rebuilt the bundles with the map enabled in those levels.
• Some of the armor/pants meshes show long spikes out the Character model (I'm not sure if this one have been released in the previous version or in this version)

Going forward, there is a HOLD on further development of the title. This will be the case until early 2015, when we will have developers coming free from another ongoing project in the studio. At that time we will assign them to work on Akaneiro and will continue efforts towards implementing multi-player, tablet support, and other improvements.

In the meantime, we have emailed Valve to ask for removal from the Early Access area of Steam, and placement within the normal Steam Store.

Please note that ours is a very small development studio with not many people to monitor discussions or reports of issues here on Steam. If you have an issue to report or feedback to provide, please do so via our official Customer Support channel here:

We appreciate your ongoing support and understanding.

Spicy Horse Games
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