Enjoy your weekend! Here is update v1.0.53

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hopesfirexx Sep 7 @ 2:36pm 
Update: Trying to enter Cyceal by any means (such as Black Cove) causes it to crash.
hopesfirexx Sep 7 @ 2:33pm 
My game still loads, but whenever I try to transition from the Phantom Forest to Silverglen or Cyceal, the game crashes in the loading screen. It doesn't matter if it's by teleportation or walking. Saves where I am already in Cyceal are fine... until I try to teleport from Phantom Forest to the aformentioned places.
Seraph Aug 21 @ 8:49am 
Has the volume control bug been fixed so that we can now mute those annoying NPC conversations without having to mute the entire game in windows?
elven_ranger Aug 18 @ 6:11pm 
Sorry I'm kind of newbie here. How to update divinity? is it done automatically?
brownba3 Aug 13 @ 1:40pm 
Diasappearing bug - I have legendary armor disappearing when I load a saved game - I specifically saved 2-3 times to ensure I saved the armor. has increased stats that allowed me to wear heavier armor - but now after starting the game on a new day I don't have the armor in3 different saves -
FOSTER Aug 6 @ 6:52am 
Catt Jul 26 @ 12:50pm 
And all i see is the Dev team pointing fingers at the buyer not into the programming where the issue is really at DONT waist your money
Catt Jul 26 @ 12:48pm 
Hell No
Jacknife Jul 26 @ 12:45pm 
Before I buy this game ...Has the save game problem been fixed ???
Catt Jul 26 @ 12:31pm 
OK. I have tried everything to fix this save crash error. Larian seems to think its my computer..... what i do know is its a problem that needs to be fixed! So, instead of Larian (and the overly justified wisdom that others have placed on them) going on about how you need to do this that and the other thing. maybe just maybe they should think about the faulty programming they have for the 32 bit users. Ive spent the past week doing everything every forum has told me to do multiple times. Having said that i know 100% my PC i just fine. FIX IT