Update V1.0.107

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Buddhamind Aug 19 @ 2:19pm 
I bought the game as much for the editor as for the game itself. The concept is just so cool.

But all those memory read/ write problems are making life extremely difficult... It would be so cool to have an editor that is fully functional, and doesn't need a restart every 5 minutes. At this moment I cannot make a full level because of these continuing errors.
Wildan Aug 16 @ 5:11pm 
"Fixed Henchman XP issue when hiring"
You didn't fix it, you broke it with this patch. There was no problem with Hench XP, every time you rehired them they leveled up to your XP level. Now they don't, at all.
dejaqwho Aug 13 @ 6:00pm 
Hi LAR, how are the sales numbers, un update please?
Blackice010 Aug 12 @ 6:15am 
Finally UI scaling. I asked for this during the beta but everyone said it was not gonna happen. Now i can finally play on my TV.
Master of Suicide™ Aug 11 @ 7:26am 
In the german version TExt is missing...
cid_6667 Aug 11 @ 5:10am 
Can you please bring back the missings texts in the french version.
Ninels Aug 11 @ 3:39am 
Please get us some hotfix for that dialogue problem. I'm playing on a german version and since the last patch there are some NPC's who won't speak with me anymore as Evamaria for example. That's really annoying!!!
jweathe4 Aug 11 @ 1:41am 
Henchmen will not level up when I add them back to my party. Also, if you have previously hired a henchman, for example Tyrlaan, and you try to hire a new Tyrlaan his name is gone from the hireable henchmen list. If you hire a new henchman though, for example I hired the first female henchman, she could not be hired a second time (a copy of her; her name disappeared from the list like Tyrlaan's had before) but I was now able to hire a copy of Tyrlaan, whose name reappeared.
arichman27 Aug 11 @ 12:05am 
Re-spawning of enemies is NOT fun at all. It becomes annoying and takes away from the game.
KanK Aug 10 @ 10:31pm 
Is this a joke? Still saving is loop and still the game crashes... Wtf is the update for?