Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity:Original Sin goes Beta!

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speedybuzz 21 април 2014 в 11:51 следобед 
plz I like to Beta test
Loff 9 април 2014 в 1:08 сутринта 
The change log says: "Bumped savegame version" do this means we are able to keep the saved files?
Loff 9 април 2014 в 1:06 сутринта 
I'm looking forward to play this game so much, but I can't bother with it before it's possible to keep the saves. Totally understand why it's getting wiped and such though. Looking forward to release :)
neowiz73 7 април 2014 в 6:03 сутринта 
been keeping track of this game for awhile, now that it's in beta I did by prepurchase. this is going to be one of the best RPGs of all time. and it comes with a game content creator/editor. Awesome stuff guys. :)
Numberto Eco 6 април 2014 в 6:51 следобед 
What a beauty of a game! It looks amazing, it feels amazing, it is amazingly challenging at times,... the only thing that bothers me at the moment are the times when the game is crashing. For a beta, however, it offers more than enough! I am pretty much amazed by this gem. =)
b5001 6 април 2014 в 4:50 следобед 
does it still overwrite the save game every update thats the only thing that sucks about the game other wise its amazing, I hope you have dont have to restart the game every update still.
MoRoZ 5 април 2014 в 3:27 следобед 
Жаль, что русский язык добавят только к релизу игры(((. А вообще Divinity Original sin, та игра в которую должен поиграть каждый олдфаг-рпгешник)).
Nito 5 април 2014 в 6:13 сутринта 
pa.marcin 5 април 2014 в 3:31 сутринта 
when we can expect final release and if I play the game will my saves be ok with final version?
Solidsnakex2 4 април 2014 в 8:14 следобед 

French, German, Russian and Polish will be supported upon release. Just letting you know :P