Now the dust has settled a little...

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jasonatokc 7 Σεπ 2013 στις 20:27 
Does this Alpha have Oculus Rift support? I would like to test it out if it does.
Victov 31 Αυγ 2013 στις 9:28 
I am experiencing the same as H5o Kooldude. My PC is pretty much fine, and i can run many games without any problems. Is there any way to display FPS? I am guessing around 30 FPS in the room (awake) and maybe 10-15 FPS in the desert/snow world.

>2.4Ghz x4
>8gb ram
>ATI Radeon HD 7660G + 7670M Dual Graphics
>1366x768 screen at 60Hz
exclude 31 Αυγ 2013 στις 1:02 
Hey HyperSloth,

I've seen the trailer and gameplay and they both look awesome, but the problem is, it's very laggy. Maybe because the game is 32 bit and my computer is 64 bit? I have an Alienware x51 and that is a gaming computer. It shouldn't be laggy at all- but it is very laggy. I made everything to the lowest, resolution 600x800 and everything to low, low, and low. Still abit laggy but I'd like to play it in high resolution and I should be since I have a gaming computer. Is there anyway to fix this problem?

Otaku 28 Αυγ 2013 στις 3:23 
what should i do after the place is frozen? lol
Darrok 24 Αυγ 2013 στις 7:49 
I cannot wait to see the next dream in the game! :)
RyukeKuroi 23 Αυγ 2013 στις 5:12 
For the one with the Built With Udk thing. I had that as well but just reinstalling java worked for me (dunno how it did it but it worked)
Lukeimyafada 23 Αυγ 2013 στις 4:32 
hi guys.
i know its in alpha stage so im not complaining, just reporting a bug
on my HP pavillion g6 laptop i cant use the computer properly (the desert one in the catacombs) as i cant move the cursor to the right side of the screen
The Joeggernaut 22 Αυγ 2013 στις 17:19 
My version of Dream is very, very laggy. I'm not quite sure how to fix it. I toned down the shadows and blur in options just to give it a little more room to breathe, but it didn't work. :/
Princess Ette 21 Αυγ 2013 στις 21:12 
This game is great, I can't wait to play it with the oculus. My only complaint would be sometimes it's a little confusing to figure out where you should go next. I sometimes find myself wandering aimlessly too easily. Great work, love it!
King Daddy 21 Αυγ 2013 στις 18:29 
I noticed the SCP reference you guys slipped into the game....well played guys, well played :D