Dream Update 0.4.3

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ScrapTF | ☾ Moonie ☽ Mar 19 @ 3:15pm 
When will the next update come out for a new Nightmare or Dream?
ultrapowerfulG Mar 16 @ 5:46am 
Can I just give you one tip ? It would be nicer playing if you could set up your own controls. But still, it's an amazing game !
bubonicbaby Mar 12 @ 10:44am 
Ohhhh cool, thanks.
AnubisAcolyte Mar 9 @ 12:08am 
This is all great and appreciated, really! - but, crap - no new dreams? nightmares - even rough? I'm champing at the bit here :)
ashstancill Mar 6 @ 9:00am 
@Bubonicbaby - Launch the light .exe - then click skip :)
bubonicbaby Mar 6 @ 7:12am 
How the hell do I use the shortcut for the dumb mazes in the desert? I hate those things.
ashstancill Mar 5 @ 3:02am 
We did floobadoo99 ! Thanks for reminding me haha. Added to the list.
DarkLordoftheSmith Mar 4 @ 9:18pm 
thanks, i think i can progress now, gj
Smokey Mar 4 @ 8:23pm 
Glad head bob was removed and the shorter/slower walk in house is also great. Trying the no keyhole method soon as its done downloading.
floobadoo99 Mar 4 @ 5:41pm